Thalgo SPA La Grâce

Marine prelude

Exfoliating and remineralizing treatment with the use of the Dead Sea mud and sea salt.


250 PLN


75 minutes
Thalgo SPA La Grâce

About the treatment

An exclusive body peeling with sea salt. The treatment removes toxic accretions, provides better metabolism, eliminates cellulite and adipose tissue, improves skin elasticity and firmness, adds vitality to the skin, nourishes and mineralizes the skin.

Intended for

Malnourished, dry, dehydrated, rough to the touch skin, excessively calloused epidermis.


The treatment aims to remove callus epidermis, remineralize the skin with the use of sea mud and sea salt, to smoothen and nourish the skin.

Restrictions to the treatment

Pregnancy, breastfeeding, chemotherapy, cancer, thrombotic diseases, eczema, systemic infections.

Active components

• Natural Marine Mud – 100% natural sea silt from the Dead Sea, rich in minerals and microelements, incl. calcium (calms the skin, has a smoothing effect), magnesium (delays the aging process of the skin), potassium (improves metabolism, regenerates cells).

• Marine Salt – sea salt rich in macro- and microelements.

• Cold Cream Marine – a complex based on micro-algae oil with a high concentration of Omega-3 EPA; marine wax from brown macro-algae Laminaria Ochroleuca (rich in alginic acid, phloroglucinol) combined with olive wax and the Seve Bleue moisturizing complex – nourishes, soothes, strengthens, rebuilds the skin.

• Lipid cocktail – based on rosehip oil, cocoa and cupuacu butters – nourishes, rebuilds and restores the feeling of comfort.