Thalgo SPA La Grâce

Aesthetic medicine

Lip filler

900 PLN

The treatment is intended for patients who are not satisfied with the shape, structure or color of their lips.

Hydrating lip filler

800 PLN

Restoring the optimal level of hydration to the lips.

Naso-labial lines filler

900 PLN

The treatment consists in restoring the lost volume of the cheeks, temples and tear valley.

Marionette lines filler

900 PLN

Removing wrinkles on the marionette line.

Soft lifting

2200 PLN

The treatment is performed in case of pronounced wrinkles, sagging skin, loss of face oval, drooping mouth corners.


Areas to choose: crow’s feet, frown, forehead lines.

1 area

500 PLN

2 areas

900 PLN

3 areas

1200 PLN