Thalgo SPA La Grâce

Flash lift express treatment

Express lifting and firming treatment.


210 PLN


60 minutes
Thalgo SPA La Grâce

About the treatment

Over time, more and more imperfections appear on the face. Negative emotions, stress and fatigue add years to the skin, make it lose its vitality and radiance. The treatment will instantly restore youthful look, smoothen and firm the skin, improve the face oval and provide maximum comfort.

Intended for

Sagging skin, devoid of tension and elasticity, pronounced wrinkles.


The treatment aims to smoothen the skin, reduce wrinkles, lift the oval of the face, increase skin elasticity, restore a fresh and healthy look of the skin.

Restrictions to the treatment

Allergy to ingredients contained in the preparations, acne skin.

Active components

• Meristotheca Dakarensis and Jania Rubens red algae – slow down decomposition of hyaluronic acid (inhibit the hyaluronidase enzyme).

• Bioactive fraction of Helichrysum Stoechas (Helichrysum) – stimulates the synthesis of periostin in the skin.

• Hyaluronic acid – moisturizes, smoothes and fills the skin.

• Vegetable oils (sunflower, grape seed) – nourishing, moisturizing, smoothing and protective effect.

• Marine Silicium Complex – a combination of large molecules of hyaluronic acid (HMW) with mucopolysaccharides from Kopara and small molecules of hyaluronic acid (MW) and silicon – firming effect with a lifting effect and stimulating fibroblasts for the synthesis of hyaluronic acid.

• Melilot extract – strengthens lymphatic vessels, stimulates blood flow, has anti-inflammatory and softening properties.

• Shea butter – nourishes, smoothens, anti-oxidant.