Thalgo SPA La Grâce

Energy booster express treatment

Express smoothing and energizing treatment.


210 PLN


60 minutes
Thalgo SPA La Grâce

About the treatment

Too little sleep, everyday stress, changes in time zones, living in large agglomerations affect the quality of the skin. The skin looks tired, dull, has unfavorable signs of aging. This treatment will quickly remove signs of fatigue, smoothen the skin, give it vitality, make skin radiant.

Intended for

Tired, dull, rough to the touch skin, fine wrinkles.


This treatment aims to moisturize and smoothen the skin, restore its fresh and healthy look, add vitality and radiance.

Restrictions to the treatment

Allergy to ingredients contained in the preparations, acne skin.

Active components

• Spirulina enriched with sea magnesium – Arthrospira maxima spirulina extract – green-blue microalgae (threadlike cyanobacteria), in the form of a spiral, the strain of which comes from the aquaculture research center in Naples, Italy. It stimulates energy metabolism, stimulates the synthesis of epidermal hyaluronic acid and filaggrin. Contains antioxidants that fight free radicals responsible for premature skin aging.

• Organic Chlorella – freshwater algae from the green algae group, one of the richest sources of the green dye, which is chlorophyll. It has strong antioxidant properties, reduces the amount of free oxygen radicals that are responsible for the aging process. It increases collagen synthesis, thus strengthening the walls of blood vessels and improving skin density.

• Hyaluronic acid of a high molecular weight – creates a film on the surface of the epidermis, effectively smoothens the skin, helps to minimize fine wrinkles, illuminates the skin.

• Trio of acids (citric, malic, glycolic) – brightening and smoothing effect.

• Active hesperidin – bioflavonoid, naturally found in lemon peel – works similar to vitamin PP, improves microcirculation, provides a uniform tone and a natural, healthy look to the skin.

• Seve Bleue complex – an exclusive active component from the depths of the ocean, rich in minerals and microelements. Moisturizes, remineralises.

• Lumisource – Candida saitoana extract – stimulates the natural detoxification process and illuminates the skin.