Thalgo SPA La Grâce

Joyaux atlantique ritual

Energizing, refreshing and relaxing ritual with the use of rock crystals.


280 PLN


90 minutes
Thalgo SPA La Grâce

About the treatment

The treatment stimulates the senses and fills with energy. The feeling of relaxation is deepened by the massage with the use of rock crystals. It provides a harmonious flow of energy in the body, relieves stress and negative emotions, restores internal balance.

Intended for

Stressed and fatigued people, with lack of vitality, muscle tension, skin in need of hydration, nourishment and regeneration.


The treatment aims to moisturize, nourish the skin, stimulate vitality, eliminate all tensions, restore well-being and balance in the whole body.

Restrictions to the treatment

General malaise, systemic infections, cancer, inflammatory and infectious skin conditions, micro-injuries and epidermal defects, after sunbathing / solarium treatment, pregnancy, breastfeeding period.

Active components

• Tetraselmis Suecica microalgae – energizing algae extract, rich in bio-available gold, contains large amounts of chlorophyll and lipids, has properties similar to probiotics.

• Olivine Extract – olivine – a mineral, classified as silicates, stimulates cellular metabolism, energizes, helps to get rid of anger and get out of depression.

• Babassu oil – moisturizes, firms the skin, prevents aging processes, reduces cellular stress.

• Sunflower oil – smoothens, nourishes, moisturizes, strengthens the skin barrier.

• Pink sand (Bahamas) – rich in magnesium, remineralizing and exfoliating properties.

• Rock crystal – absorbs the toxic energy of medicines, has strong cleansing properties.

• White quartz (Florida) – a type of quartz that energizes and absorbs unfavorable vibrations. It has a calming effect, improves well-being and strengthens a positive attitude towards everyday life.